After leaving the church sixty years ago, I have a story to tell. I started to attend Sunday school out of abject loneliness, I was friendless in a sick family, how sick, Alcohol, incest, and a sex-driven mentality. As apples don’t fall far from the tree, my actions have brought unending shame. Now, more on the downside, door gunner vet you know where. It was a kick to have miss Joplin and Jimmy and so many others blasting in my headset as I sprayed the ground with hot ammo. Then returning to base with praise for our work. Coming home wounded and mocked by seemingly everyone, thoughts of suicide framed my existence, I was on a first-name basis with the E.M staff. I desperately needed the support of a Spiritual nature, and only hypocrites could be found, I did find a pastor While in the V.A. lockup that I could trust, but the razor blades were already purchased.

Now the good news, as I tagged along with my housekeeper to her church I found God again, there among fifteen people the spiritual presence was wonderfully overwhelming, I look forward to Sundays again and without my usual hangovers. A word for my fellow veterans, The scriptures are clear, better days and better worlds are coming for those that can trust again.


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